Third Place

What makes a community? Where do you find it?

Many people think communities are formed through shared experience. Whether it’s a community of writers, artists or an ethnic community – they are bound by commonalities.

Neighbourhood communities are formed through shared spaces – places where people gather, meet friends, and recognise friendly faces. Main Street Bistro strives to be the coffeehouse you call home. We want to be your third place – away from work and home – that you feel comfortable enough to read, hang out in, meet friends, or get some work done.

What we heard during our pre opening “Food Tasting” venue

“I just wanted to say what a great time I and my friends and colleagues had. Everyone has commented on what a lovely venue it is and how great the food is. It all made for a very special night to remember. I will definitely come again and recommend you to friends for their special occasions.”

“Superb food. Natural ambience. One of the few independent restaurants worth going to.”

“Excellent environment, friendly service, great menu choices at affordable prices. Will be back.”


We are proud to display the works of Sabrina Debono on the walls our coffee shop. She changes the paintings very often. If you are interested in acquiring one of her works, please contact our staff.

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